Things are moving quickly!

My house offer was successful!!! yay!!! So happy about that 🙂

They let me know on Monday that they had informally accepted my offer but needed ID to verify who I am (?) before they could officially say yes. This is when my lack of technology failed as I couldn’t scan and send the documents, so I took them over in person as I was going to meet the Mortgage adviser.

Bring on the beginning of the stress, starting off with my bank blocking me from my online account so I couldn’t print off any of my bank statements, a few panicking phone calls later and a quick trip to a lovely lady at the bank and I was back online and able to access the info needed.

Then back to Ely to have another quick look around the area, and off to meet the estate agents and money people. Jess was lovely and went through everything with me; what gets paid for when, what I need to do and what the costs were going to be. Thankfully the quotes are also cheaper than expected (and lets hope they stay that way although I can imagine they’re not!) and the monthly mortgage quotes are less than what I was expecting (ditto). Part of that I think its because I’ve been looking online and its never very clear what you’re paying for and there seems to be different names for the same thing so I ended up doubling the costs of somethings.

It helps that my Dad is a surveyor and has offered to survey the property for me (Thanks Dad, couldn’t talk about buying a house and not give him a little shout out lol) so at least that’s one thing that’s ‘under control’ the rest of it feels like I’m speaking a different language half the time and have to really read through things and unpick them to figure out whats going on. Is it just me or does everyone say things really fast (and if I’m being cynical) in the hope that they’ll confuse you into spending money you don’t need to?



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