Thoughts when I should be sleeping!

In writing this post as I’m feeling overwhelmed, (it’s 6am and I can’t sleep my head is whirling) and writing helps untangle all those thoughts.

There’s so much paperwork when buying a house and I have a feeling I’m just at the start of it?

First thing yesterday morning I had an email from the estate agent in a language I don’t understand (housebuyingese I’m going to call it) telling me I need to do next. Great but I don’t know what it’s asking me?!

Next I had a whole load of papers from the solicitor for me to fill in plus they need documentation to prove who I am and a photo of me to prove who I am (signed by a solicitor or chartered accountant, until yesterday I didn’t know, and technically still don’t, anyone working in these professions. I’m hoping I can make a face to face appointment to hand over everything then they can see it’s me as tbh I don’t think my official photos ever really look like me. Trust me they’re not pretty!

Late last night I was having an email conversation with my mortgage broker (why do they work so late at night? I’m assuming he’s at home and got the kids in bed so is trying to catch up?) trying to sort out my mortgage in principle. He now needs a load of documents sending over to him. And of course they’re exactly the same documents that the solicitor wants, so join the queue as I’ve never felt so popular!

And in the middle of that the thing that’s worrying me is I can’t decide how I would decorate anything? Really brain that’s what you’re thinking?


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