Week 48 of gratitude


Spent the afternoon sitting with Siobhan watching the apprentice. I love afternoons like this, all cuddled up with blankets and cushions and films.

Siobhan cringing at this weeks episode of the apprentice.


My house offer was accepted! So happy 🙂


As much as I don’t like the dark evenings I do love coming home to a warm dry house.


Found a solicitor and a mortgage broker and thankfully lots of friends who are supportive and helping with advice.


We decorated our Christmas tree at work so it all looks Christmassy. I love Christmas, all the lights and the music and Christmas parties. Bring on December!


It’s the beginning of December aka Christmas music can officially start 🙂


I know I’ve only been in the process for a week but I’m glad that solicitors/mortgagebrokers etc don’t work (or at least message me) on weekends! It’s a little overwhelming so it’s been good to have a mini break to reorganise my thoughts.

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