A weeks progress

Things continue to move quickly; on my side at least!

I went back to the house today with my Dad so he could do his survey and do I could do some measuring to see how much of my furniture would fit.

Just as a side note, I’m so grateful to my Dad for not only offering to do the survey for me (on his day off) but also going through all the properties that I was considering and giving my professional feedback on potential problems. Just need to come up with a suitable thank you token as a simple thank you isn’t enough!

Anyway he did his survey then came over to mine to show me the hundreds of photos and go through them all. I was aware of things like looking for cracks in walls etc, but he literally went through every tiny bit of the house and found anything that might need fixing in the next few years. It includes things like looking at insulation, how old the boiler is, how effective heating is, party walls, foundations, electrical and fuse boxes. So much that I didn’t know, i feel like I’ve had a crash course in chartered surveyors!

It was good to see the place again, I’ve been trying to imagine what I would change, and the space always shrinks in my head until I doubt that I could fit in the living room! Thankfully I think the furniture I have will fit, and the curtains that I already have should fit in the bedroom, which I’m super happy about as they’re the perfect colour, they’re blackout blinds and they were in a sale when I bought them (so not false economy!)

I got to meet the family who are currently living there, and found out that they’ve already found a place and there’s no further chain involved so things might go quickly. Gulp! That feels scarily real especially with finances. After January I’m definitely going to have to go back to doing a few frugal months I think.

On the other hand I’m still waiting for mortgage approval to go through, and I met my solicitor this week, but no major progress from those two areas. Honestly I’m scared thinking about these things, it seems so big and such a responsibility that will all be mine. Just realising I have no back up if things go wrong can be overwhelming.

Sooo as distraction I went painting and wallpaper shopping to cheer me up 🙂

Also…. I also made a new friend, although typically I couldn’t get a decent photo of him. I love animals and hopefully once I have my own place I can have an animal in my life again.


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