Christmas Fair on Mill Road

So my 30th year is coming to an end and I suspect this is one of the final things that I will get done off my bucket list; vising a final Christmas festival! Of course it has to end (end…. this is not the end of a bucket list, just moving onto another one!) with lights music and food!

The Mill Road Christmas fair is an annual event held on the first Saturday of December, where they shut down the entire road and take it over with music dancing and stalls instead. I got there early this year (I learnt my lesson from last year where I spent most of my time standing in a queue) and wandered up and down the street watching everything. There’s a lot of food stalls selling pretty much every food you can think of, as well as cute crafts. I was so tempted by hedgehog Christmas tree decorations, they were adorable!

There were a few representatives out from Churches handing out mince pies and hot chocolates/teas/coffees which was nice as (as you can tell from the photo) it was a cold damp kind of day. I accepted the first mince pie that I was offered and then tried telling others that I had already been given one, one child looked so upset when I told him that I accepted one from him as well!

As I walked down the street there were a lot of side street entertainments, I watched Morris dancers, samba bands, traditional carols, the Salvation army band (it doesn’t feel like Christmas without hearing the Salvation Army band!) and an ‘I’m-not-sure-what-kind-of-dance-but-brightly-coloured-and-entertaining’ dance group. Guess which was my favourite?!

The weather wasn’t great but if made the mood feel more christmassy, it would be hard not to feel christmassy with all that mulled wine and music out and about. Its events like these that make it hard to stick to frugality and I had to keep reminding myself why! I guess this will be the final; of the Cambridge festivals of this year, and I’m so glad I went to as many as I can, and hope to try some more again next year.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Fair on Mill Road

  1. How’s your bucket list coming along? Get a bunch checked off? Are you planning to continue this into 2019 or to change to a new focus, like house adventures or something?


    1. Bucket list is almost finished for this year, there’s a few things that I’m carrying over to next year, but mostly I’ll be concentrating on house stuff I think. Maybe I’ll try a cheap/free bucket list instead?!


      1. That’s a good idea. So is the house purchase final and it’s all yours once everything/paperwork is complete?


      2. Not yet! Still working through all the paperwork so think it’ll be a while. I guess things go slower around Christmas anyway

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