Week 49 of gratitude


Yayyyy week off 🙂 I always try to take week off at the beginning of December to do my Christmas shopping/wrapping presents and writing all the cards. Today I watched the Muppet’s Christmas carol while wrapping all the presents ready to be given out.


Although its a week off I agreed to do a bank shift (extra money for solicitor bills!)


Spent the day with Jodie in Ikea. I’m enjoying looking round all the furniture, getting ideas of what I like. Plus I love spending time with Jodie.


Today was a day of random jobs and getting organised, I spend a while cleaning our house ready for house inspection so it all looks sparkly clean. I do like to see the difference when I’m cleaning 🙂


Scuba diving’s Christmas party complete with hog roast, although I did feel a bit underdressed……was good to hang out for a bit and be all festive!


I did a bit of paint browsing today (I have so many books of colours now… how much do you want to bet I still won’t find the perfect colour? and got to look round the house again.


The beginning of Christmas carol season, Siobhan and I went to Jazz Carols at church and it was great. It was traditional carols to tunes we all know but with a twist. There was a saxophone player that I love watching, he really gets into it and you can tell that he’s really passionate about playing. A bit more unusual than the traditional carols and got my toes tapping. Happy Christmas season!


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