Week 50 of gratitude


How is it week 50 already? Anyway I did my first shift as core team leader at the homeless shelter and mostly it went well. So thankful to have a supportive team, it made things so much easier.


Having a mini break from house stuff, sometimes its a little bit overwhelming, I’m glad to have a break from all the emails so I’m trying to recharge ready for the next round!


So thankful to have a supportive boss at work, she listens to our complaining, tries to make positive changes and lets us come up with our own plans for improvement at work.


At work we’re making plans for Christmas. I’m a nurse but do get Christmas day and boxing day off so we’re finding ways to make Christmas eve feel more festive and fun. Think hot chocolates and snacks 🙂


Christmas party time! My colleagues and I have been looking forward to Christmas party since June and I’m not kidding. We had a great night


Its a miserable rainy day out there today so Fran and I cuddled up with an Indian takeaway and watched elf. A perfect evening!


One of my friends bought me bobotie (my favourite curry from my favourite restaurant) as they knew how much I love it. nom nom.

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