I know it’s only a little early for New Years resolutions, but it’s now officially less than a week til Christmas 🙂 🙂 happy days. Anyway I’ve been thinking of what my New Years resolution or challenge will be.

Recently I’ve been focusing a lot of trying to save as much as I can ready for house stuff, calculated deposit and solicitor fees but never calculated how much I would need to save up overall to make me feel ‘secure’. Ie I don’t want to spend every penny on my deposit and then sit at home freaking out about how I’m going to pay the mortgage bills in case anything happened to my job or not being able to afford furniture and decorating the house.

I’ve been trying to do some calculations trying to figure out how much I have and how much I need for things. Thankfully I have most of the ‘small’ items that I need like microwave, kettle etc plus some furniture, so just need to get some furniture plus paint etc.

The total figure Id like to have saved (on top of what I have) is £5000, which is a lot. A lot more now I’m sitting here thinking about how much that is! So I’m going to be going back to being frugal and documenting it to keep me accountable when I’m tempted to go out buying extras that I don’t need.

5000 isn’t an amount that I can save easily just by cutting back on pennies so I’m looking for other ways to save money or make money. I’ve decided that I’ll start doing bank shifts (I’m a nurse and work four long days a week) so I’m going to work on my day off as much as possible. It’s something that I’ve put off doing as I have enjoyed having that extra day off in the week to get things done or to relax. However even if I do an extra shift a month it should add up 🙂

I’m still selling things on eBay/gumtree/schpock so hopefully that will add to my account on top of my standard monthly savings. Let’s do this!


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