Week 52 of gratitude


Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I’m thankful for the spirit of playfulness and childlike excitement from this time of year. I’ve been following Santa a little on the Norad Santa tracker website, and I love that someone ok’d the idea and then developed it just for the fun of having children and adults follow Santa as he goes round spreading joy.


Happy Christmas!

Grateful for having family time today, watching my nephew get excited about everything (not just presents) and taking Sam (our border collie) on a wintery walk. With the frost this morning it was the closest I’m going to a white Christmas!


Had a chilled out day with my parents, drinking mulled wine and making gingerbread houses (hilarious trust me), and as you can tell from the photo it went well, reading and eating.


So happy to have a cozy bed đŸ™‚ I love snuggling up and reading. Ohhhhh plus I’m thankful that another book in a series that I’m reading came out today.


Today has been a hard day, I’ve had some sad news about a friend. Why is it so many people are diagnosed with something horrible in the month of December?

Anyway…. thankful for the nhs and free treatment.


Yogi, Siobhan and I went food shopping together, something we don’t do together that often, and it was fun wandering around, shopping and chatting.


My final turn to cook for the year, I’ve enjoyed learning to cooking new and different meals, and this one turned out well. Nom nom.

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