Learning to live the frugal life again

I don’t generally do shopping in the January sales, however this year I’m keeping my eyes open for certain things. I’ve wanted a cordless hoover for a while as the current one is slowly and painfully dying, it’s heavy and having to unplug and plug it in again is hassle. After some research and questioning I decided on a dual battery shark….. until I looked in the sales and realised that I could get a single battery hoover plus a spare battery for £100 cheaper, plus I had £60 in vouchers towards it…. so the original price of £350 hoover down to £190 doesn’t sound too bad!! Feeling so old though that I’m excited about a hoover!!!!

When I went home for Christmas I looked out some books that I can sell on ziffitt, which had the dual bonus of me finding a load of books that I haven’t read in a while, so I’m rereading them before they get sold! As with most things its not a huge money maker, but if its just sitting there gathering dust and acting as clutter I’d rather get rid of it and make some money along the way. Recently I think I’ve become ‘allergic’ to stuff, I really hate junk and little things in the way, I feel like I have too much stuff that I don’t use or need, so I’m trying to get rid of it before I move.

The ‘other’ thing I’ve done this week is started organizing my points cards, things like Tesco club card and nectar card. I know when I move I try to take as little food as possible with me until I’ve got cupboard space sorted out then I’ll have to do a stock up shop. I figured if I can save up some points and save any vouchers etc any little will help in those first few months when I’m (hopefully) in my own place.

I really wish I’d started seriously saving earlier, I could be so much closer to my goal, however the thought that I want to take through to the next year is that I can change my future.


Presents £6… yep I realised on Christmas eve while at work that I’d missed someone off my list, so my kind Mum grabbed a present for me while she was out shopping.

Food £7.61

Petrol £20.54

Bills £20.88

Postage for stuff sold on eBay £17.50

Miscellaneous £190


Amount saved £161 from a combination of Christmas money, sold some books on ziffit and a couple of eBay items.

Overall amount to be saved £ 4839

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