Living the frugal life week 2

When I do things I often go all out in doing them, so when I realized that I needed to save a fairly decent amount in a short period of time I started looking at ways of saving money and making a few pounds on the side. I’m already using eBay to sell off anything I don’t need and do the odd bank shift when I can at work, but I’m always on the look out for anything extra. One day I’m going to become one of the coupon Queens!

So far this is what I’ve found; survey sites aren’t really worth it, you get points for answering questions which is easy however I found a lot of the time you’d fill in answers then the site would crash or it would say you didn’t fit the demographic required aka you’d done the work for them for free. Also different reward require different amount of points, even for the same financial amount ie 720 points for £5 amazon card but 800 points for £5 paypal. However I did get a £10 voucher towards my Christmas shopping, but not something I’d do again.

Bing rewards is a fairly recent one that I’ve found, you log into your account and use Bing instead of google etc for searches and they give you points which can be exchanged for a voucher. So far I like it, you need 7600 points for a £5 voucher (not much but I’m adding it up to make my food shop cheaper when I move) and after two weeks I’m over half way there. I’m constantly searching for things so might as well get rewarded for it! Bing takes a while to get used to but I’ll adjust!

Shoppix/Hog receipt/ Hayu are all apps that you scan your receipts into and get points, when you get enough points you get a choice of rewards. I like this as I’m already spending the money so might as well get something back for it! Plus you get a choice of rewards that all cost the same points at the end. Shoppix so far has offered the best (I got my first reward after weeks, the others I’ve had the same length of time and haven’t had my reward yet).

Olio I absolutely love, its basically a free food and other items app, people advertise what they have to give away and people request and then collect it, which works out perfectly for me as I had wasting thing and dont like ‘clutter’. So I can give away stuff that I have and dont want and get stuff that is useful!

Shopmium/Green Jinn give you money off or free items with items on offer changing weekly. You buy the item, scan the receipt and items barcode and they pay you the money back. Great if its on items you were already going to buy or have a use for. The downside to Green Jinn is that you have to have £1.50 in cashback before you can take it out, which can take a while if you’re like me and refusing to buy anything you don’t need just to get extra money off!

Pulse is an questionnaire app with paid and unpaid ‘pulses’ that last three questions, most of them multiple choice with the odd one needing a couple of word response. Each pulse pays 30 cents and once you get to $5 you get paid viz paypal. The amount of paid pulses varies per day, and no its not going to make you a millionaire but the little bits are adding up to my savings!

EBay/Shpock/Gumtree, the three selling site which I guess most people know about and the ones that make more than just a few pence however they are a lot more hassle and time than any of the others. Don’t get caught out by the charges of postage/packaging/eBay fees/paypal fees, the other negative can be people not paying or turning up. I’m learning to be so organised with eBay, I have all my items end on a Thursday or Friday evening so I can post them on Saturdays to avoid angry people asking where their packages are!

However I’m also trying to counterbalance this, as I tend to go 100% for things, but I don’t want to become cheap/tight/miserable as time goes on. I really don’t want to become the person that starts panicking when someone suggests going out to do something fun and worrying about the cost, as realistically I do have money I’m just choosing not to spend it here and now.  I’m finding that I’m evaluating what I do/eat/enjoy more rather than mindlessly spending money on food (for example) to try that I may or may not enjoy. I guess its called spending mindfully?

However all work and no play does make Claire a very dull girl, so I’m making an effort to go out and do things as well! However at the moment most of my socialising involves being indoors, watching films or baking with friends things like that. I’m going through a baking phase which is hilarious as I’m a terrible baker. The results are edible but definitely not something I’m going to be posting pictures of to Instagram!


Food £1.85 (Massive amounts of food planning/eating my way through any food that’s in my cupboard! Its amazing how much food I hoard…..its also meant some rather weird meals)

Bills £55.20

Postage £6.90

£10 eBay refund


Amount saved £582 (from a debt someone owed me and bank shifts from last month)

Amount to be saved £4257


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  1. Thanks for this. I will have a look at getting points from Bing, although it is difficult to get used to! I do some surveys but you’re right the amount you get is small. It maybe bought in £150 last year for the two of us. We have a company in the UK who pay you for consumer research focus groups and one-to-one interviews about products. These typically pay £40 – £60 for two hours or so and are much more lucrative if you find one that you meet the criteria for and can attend during the day.


  2. I might have missed this on a past post but how did you come up with the number you’re working to save?
    Have you tried Swagbucks? Another survey site. I’m trying it because on another blog they claim to earn enough points to cash out $50 a month via Paypal. I’m doing some surveys, but also experiencing them closing out or I get to the end and then they say I don’t qualify. So then I start thinking, well, I must be missing some trick because at this rate I won’t get a $50 cash out until December.


    1. I’ve added up how much I need for a deposit/solicitor fees/furniture plus id like a couple of months savings just in case anything happens as emergency back up, then subtracted how much I already have in savings and rounded it to the closest big number which is £5000. Sounds like a scarily big number, especially as I have to save it ASAP, and don’t have a moving date so could be anytime!
      I haven’t tried swag bucks, I’ve tried shopper thoughts (don’t bother, didn’t get anything) and my gold surveys, which I’ve got a tenner in three months! I’ve heard people say they earn loads through surveys but I don’t know how they do it!

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