Week 52.5 of gratitude

So I come to the end of my year of adventure and gratitude


Last day at work for 2018, and one of my last shifts as ‘deputy boss’ before my real boss comes back. Thankful that it’s all gone ok and no major problems.


I’m going to finish the year with a reflection.

Tonight I was working at CCHP (a homeless shelter that I’m involved with) and one of the guys who was a guest last year came back as a volunteer, he has his own place he’s volunteering in many ways and is working through his issues. It truly makes me happy to have been a part of his story. All the best for 2019 J!

I love being a part of the shelter, seeing humanity at its best and worst in people that are often invisible. If i can ask one thing, please don’t ignore the invisible people, a smile is enough, but they are human just as much as you and I.

Adventure 30 has been great, things that I never thought I’d do; the lush spa, cirque du soliel and singing on the river have stuck in my mind.

I finally turned 30 in May and spent my birthday 20m underwater exploring shipwrecks with the fish. Technically I gatecrashed their party? Followed by my own ‘surprise’ bbq with diving friends.

My brother got married to one of my best friends in September, so now I get an extra sister who lives closer so I can see her more 🙂

So Goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019!


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