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So my adventure year has ended and I’m a little bit sad about it 😦 I also don’t know what to do now with the blog, currently I seem to be using it as a diary but without much of a point…. Honestly I feel a bit bluhhhh without a bucket list or a goal, but I don’t know what I want my goal to be? Does anyone else get this?

You all should know by now how much I love a bucket list!

Bucket list for 2019

  1. Go to Evensong
  2. Visit more festivals, I’d like to go to the annual Science festival, I hear about it but haven’t ever been!
  3. Stay in contact with people physically rather than just over message.
  4. Donate blood
  5. Be aware of my surroundings
  6. Try meditation (preferably without falling asleep)
  7. Try as many new recipes as possible
  8. Read Lord of the Rings books
  9. Speak out more when in groups of people (I really hate talking in front of people especially if I don’t know them that well, but also want to get more involved in things like the homeless shelter so to do that I need to get involved in the leadership team.)
  10. Face up to a fear
  11. Keep a spend diary
  12. Declutter. I know its sad but I’m starting to believe Marie Kondo’s motto of  ‘spreading joy through tidying’ I have found the less unnecessary stuff I have the ‘better’ I feel.
  13. Learn more practical skills (as stupid as it sounds, learn how to change a fuse things like that…)

Second bucket list of the year…. Theres a part of me that is scared about buying my own place, having no money and ending up lonely…. so this is my plan to motivate me out of myself and force me to get things done.

Bucket list for house

  1. Learn how to wallpaper a room.
  2. Host one dinner party (never ever done that before!) if people come over we usually do pizza… however over the past couple of years I have been practicing my cooking skills on my lovely guinea pig/housemate Siobhan and I feel more confident that I can cook a couple of meals well!
  3. Buy a sofa that I love. I don’t currently have a living room in my rented house, so I tend to sit in an office chair or a large bean bag in my bedroom. I honestly cannot wait to sit on a sofa and be a slob without getting an aching back or bum!
  4. Find a new running route nearer to where I live.
  5. Have a slow cooker! Learn how to cook yummy meals with slow cooker. Any suggestions?
  6. Live clutter free.
  7. Be able to relax about my budget.
  8. Have a pet hedgehog, I’ve wanted one for so long and finally when I have my own place I can have pets again!
  9. Travel to one place a year
  10. Explore my new area
  11. Have my own library, I’ve dreamt of this, even if its just a corner of a room, since going to my Aunts house and spending the entire stay sitting in her library reading through as many books as possible!



1 thought on “ohhhh Bucket list

  1. About your #4- donate blood. Have you thought about donating plasma? I know someone who got severe burns and they used a lot of plasma units. Both are important-blood and plasma. According to them, people can donate plasma more often because it’s just the liquid part of blood and not the red blood cells. I know a lot of his friends started donating plasma because of him, and then they kept doing it because they got $10 every time and they all give him the $10 after each visit so he could put it towards his medical bills. Just an idea. Donate plus more frequent plus earn a little something towards your savings goal.
    I love the learn practical skills. I was at friends house and their kid asked me to teach them to change the tire on their bike. Eh…I had the parts, but now what? So I signed up for a class next month for how to change a tire, pump up with air, attach lights to be seen at night, basic stuff like that.


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