This is a game of frustration!

Ahhhhhh… I always wanted to be honest and so I’ll try to be. So frustrated with this house process atm…. I put my offer in at the end of november and was accepted a day later, as soon as that was accepted the estate agent started harrasing me ( im not kidding it was a couple of emails a day) about finding a solicitor. I found one within three days. On the 9th December I asked the estate agent (and the seller during the survey) for a copy of the leasehold agreement…. I have been asking a couple of times a week since then and heard ‘we are aware and things are in process, we will chase again next week’ then a biggggg silence. What things are in process???? surely it can’t be that hard and take almost two months to get a leasehold agreement and forward it to my solicitor?! Plus please just tell me what’s going on even if it’s just, we’ve tried contacting them!

I’ve instructed my solicitor to put my house on hold until I have the leasehold agreement, and tbh if I haven’t heard by the end of the week I’m tempted to tell the estate agent that if I haven’t got the leasehold agreement by the end of the month I’m going to start looking at houses again? This could backfire on me spectacularly…. however I have my house until the beginning on July and so want to have a place to move into by then and this rate I won’t.

I do love the house still, and the seller seemed so keen to have things move fast, so get things moving??

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2 thoughts on “This is a game of frustration!

  1. My husband and I just bought our house and FINALLY moved in. I knew it would take a whole, but the whole process seems to drag on way longer then it should.


    1. Glad you’ve finally moved! Must be so exciting when it’s finally all done 🙂 I don’t mind the length of time so much I just don’t like the lack of communication!

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