Not sticking to the budget, on purpose!

This week I’m trying to have a break, not from being frugal, but from thinking about it so much, not because I’m bored of it but because I know I could and would become obsessed with saving aka becoming tight. I noticed that I was starting to feel a little tense when thinking about meeting friends socially as I didn’t want to spend money and ruin my budget for the month. I really didn’t want this! Im the kind of person that goes all out, if I’m saving I’ll see how much I can save, if I’m dieting I crash diet, things like that, that aren’t healthy for my body or mind.

The whole point was to be frugal but still to live and enjoy things! So this week I’ve been out, I’ve spent some money on fun things, had some treats, sure not expensive ones but still things just for a bit of fun. There’s enough tension in life without adding constant pressure 🙂

Thinking of relaxing times

Anyway; frugal wins this week, I managed to combine a few vouchers so that my entire for shop for the week came to -£1.50. Yep I got paid to buy food 🙂

In other updates….. I finally finally finally got the leasehold from the sellers solicitor! Yayyyy. Ok I have no idea what it’s on about, instead of being written in human English it seems to have been written in 17th century English for robots, and no matter how much I read it I’m barely understand what it says. In steps Dad again (thank you) to read through it with me (NOT For me, my attempt at independence is insisting that I try).

Even when it’s grey, the world around is still beautiful

Last week Fran and I went out for a walk (as you can tell from the photos it was cloudy and grey but invigorating) then for some drinks in a cosy pub. Tomorrow I’m going to the strictly live tour with my ‘Birmingham’ friends. Can’t wait!



2 thoughts on “Not sticking to the budget, on purpose!

  1. -£1.50 for your food shopping! Well done! Thanks for sharing this. We have always tried to combine enjoying life with saving too. Everything in moderation, even saving 🙂


  2. It’s great that you recognized the need to live a little. Life’s too short to be sooo tight you can’t breath.


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