Glad I found out about it now!

I am not going to get stressed, I am not going to get stressed…. I will eat chocolate instead.. Mmmmm chocolate.

So this week has been a longgg week. A few weeks back Dad did his survey which showed up a few more expensive problems, mostly to do with the garage, which is not attached to the house and is some distance away, however on initial viewing when I asked the estate agent to view it she didn’t know which one it was. I put in an offer, then during the survey we found out the roof has basically caved in and is full of asbestos and has subsidence issues due to a tree growing a 100 meters away. Great…

After waiting ages to get the leasehold agreement (I wanted to check who was responsible for fixing things etc) I have gone back to renegotiate the price of the property. I hate writing ‘official’ emails especially when they’re not nice ones abut hate talking on the phone even more! Getting the balance between nice but ‘don’t try taking me for a ride’ I find hard so I’m hoping I’ve got the balance right.

And now I wait….

Everyone ho has bought a house recently has told me how stressful it was, then when you get the house its worth it so I’m trying not to think about it too much! However I have started looking on rightmove again just to see if there’s anything else out there that I would like to have a look around, but I’m back to the old I got attached to the house and really want that one so nothing else it matching up. Decision is; do you pay for something you love and deal with it or hope something else comes along in the (getting shorter) time that I have?

On a positive note, it gives me more time to get saving, plus my boss has been very kind (!) in booking me in to do bank shifts on all my week days off, honestly not a complaint the extra is really helping! However every time I look at my finances I seem to come up with different numbers of what I need, so for now I’m sticking to £5000.


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