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Over a year ago now I wrote out my bucket list with over 100 things on it, which I narrowed down to things I really wanted to do in that year and things I wanted to do at some point in time. Some of the decisions of what to cut out off the list were hard, so have been left on a maybe one day list. One of the items was to go and see a live tv show, something like going to watch Strictly Come Dancing. I don’t religiously watch it every time its on, but on our girls date nights we love snuggling up with snacks and watching it together, especially the musicals themed ones.

A few weeks before Christmas I had a slightly panicked message from Kathryn checking that I wasn’t booked for anything for the 19th Jan and to keep it free for part of my Christmas present. The other girls figured out what we were doing but I like surprises (and yes I really do for things like Christmas etc, the rest of the time nope I want to know!)

We decided to make a girls weekend of it, completed with a meal out which didn’t work out as planned and we ended up with McDonald’s! It was great to see all the girls together again, we don’t meet up as often as we used to, but its one of those friendships that when I see them we carry on as if it hasn’t been too long.

We got there any hour before the show started and had plenty of time for selfies, flicking through the program and chatting. Not all of the celebrities that were on the TV show were in the live show, but the most memorable ‘characters’ were. The live show has a similar format to a tv show, intro to the judges and competitors, a few group dances then each couple is introduced does a brief intro to life in strictly and how much they miss it, do one of their dances and get scored. At the end of the evening you can vote for you favourite couple and they can win the live show trophy….until the next performance starts anyway!

My favourite dance absolutely has to be Faye and Giovanni dancing a Charleston to the lonely goatherd. In the tv show they they had the set up of puppets complete with goat puppets, however for the live show they went all out with dancers dressed as goats dancing on the side, not just shimmying and swirling but a full on dance steps. That’s something I haven’t seen before! I loved the goats, so much so that I didn’t actually see any of Faye’s dance I was watching the goats instead!


The judges of course were back. I loved Darcey’s dress, it had a collar of fluffy feathers that ruffled when she moved and seemed to be attracted to Craig, so there were several comments from him about feathers getting in his mouth. They all stuck to their ‘character’ its all like a pantomime in a way. Craig’s facial expressions and sarcasm are worth watching for my favourite quote of the night was ‘If you can’t boo properly don’t bother booing at all!’ Honestly he’s my favourite judge just for the sarcasm and its all meant in an honest humorous way, you know if he gives you praise you’ve done well!

Towards the end of the evening there were a couple of group dances where the audience got to participate with a few steps the judges taught us, think jazz hands, side steps and shimmy shimmy shimmy. Add in a few thousand people and it quickly became chaos and brought me back down from my little day dream of learning to dance with the realization that nope my brain says one thing and my body does the most ungraceful flop in the other direction. I’ll still to dancing for fun though.

At the end there was the presentation of the live tour trophy  which went to Joe Sugg and his partner Dianne, followed up by more group dances. I love the craziness of the costumes, the glitter, the feathers! There’s some very cold poor bird out there lol……








Thank you Kathryn! It was an amazing gift 🙂


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