When being an indecisive person is not a good thing….

In an attempt to get a financial balance in my life I have tried writing out my own financial rules. I found I was going too much towards the ‘spend nothing’ side of life when I didn’t need to. It was things like friends asking to meet up for a drink and instead of getting what I really wanted I’d get the cheapest drink and not enjoy it much. That’s no way to live so I’m trying to take back some control without loosing control!

Frugal Rules

Bring packed lunch to work (bonus points if it’s free food!) don’t bring wallet so you can’t be tempted by the m and s snacks

No buying unnecessary items (including snacks)

Don’t let spending stop your social life. Make mindful choices of things to enjoy.

Pay bills ASAP or as soon as Siobhan tells me about them.

Be generous not just with money.

Write a meal plan and shopping list and stick to it.

House update

Soooo I heard back regarding the negotiations, they’re denying that there is any subsidence in the garage and think that the freehold owner is responsible for fixing the garage roof. Stupidly I forwarded the (rather rude) email from the estate agent informing me of this to my Dad who, understandably, was offended and upset. Basically they said that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so now he wants me to pull out of buying.

Also, why can’t leaseholds be written in plain English so I can tell if the sellers are right or not. I’m starting to think this is done on purpose to confuse you, then once you’ve bought they can turn round and say, well its in the agreement?!


Love the house; it has way more space than any of the other houses that I’ve seen, the layout is practical.

It doesn’t need any immediate work to make it livable.

Its in the area I want to buy in (I prefer being in a town than a village)

It has great commuter links, friends live in the area and there’s the opportunity for a social life.

Garage is not attached to the house so all the issues with the garage are slightly separate. Aka subsidence issues don’t affect the actual house as the garage is a few hundred meters away.

Seller has offered a slightly discount, just not as much as I would like.


The garage needs a lot of work doing for it, not sure who would be expected to pay for it.

It is a leasehold; so will have the cost/time and effort to buy or renew the lease in the foreseeable future.

It does need some work, things that can be done in time (hopefully.)

Current sellers are difficult (refusing to take responsibility for anything that they should have sorted, ie subsidence of garage)


I have 5 months until I have to move out of my rented place (renewing isn’t an option) I would have to move into a house share…. which I’m not keen on doing for a number of reasons. Howeverrrrr it would give me more time to save….

Dad thinks I’m overpaying, but in comparison to other houses in the area it seems vaguely right? But then what do I know, hes the surveyor not me! (I also don’t want to offend Dad with him thinking I’ve ignored his advice) Other houses for the same price are tiny…. or falling apart…. I’ve looked at other houses and don’t like any of them, I don’t want to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for a house I don’t like.

I literally don’t like any of the other houses on the market atm, (in my budget they are really tiny places, or out in the middle of nowhere or need ripping out and putting back together) and with Brexit I doubt things are going to change anytime soon. Basically it comes down to; do you want to pay as much as you are for the house and are you prepared to pay what it costs to sort it out in the future. And I’m leaning towards yes.

Help me please!


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