Living while waiting

Wow I didn’t realise I hadn’t updated things in a month (opps)

So over the past couple of weeks there’s been little bits and pieces happening with the house, we have renegotiated the price, which I have insisted on it being taken from the mortgage and rather than the deposit like the seller wanted. Their argument was that it saved all of us doing all the paperwork, however their solicitor screwed up and informed my solicitor that the mortgage was going to be less who informed my mortgage broker who started changing all the paperwork. Works out better for me, if I took it from the deposit I would be slightly better off now, but would pay more interest on the mortgage in the long run.

The estate agent then went on to tell me that they should be ready to exchange soon…. errr what???!! I thought houses took months? I was already for a long wait and lots of chasing? However now we have to go back and reapply for the mortgage so that will slow things down a little, plus I’m still waiting for my solicitor to confirm shes ready. I’m a little unsure of all the things solicitors have to do, apart from searches… apparently shes waiting for a report from the seller ? At the moment I’m just letting things roll along and concentrate on the more fun things like room decorations.

Over the past month I’ve relaxed my saving, not in an extreme way, but enough so that I had a life/work/save/spend balance and somehow I save more last month than when I was being really strict with myself???? I don’t understand but I’ll happily accept that? I’m silly continuing with me spending diary, and I know that I really really need to cut back on my food shopping. The amount i spent last month on food was a bit silly, as its not stuff I needed or can even remember what it was. Save the spending for fun treats like days out!

Over the weekend I did a bit of window shopping for house items as I’ve figured out a budget for big furniture items, but there will be lots of ‘little’ things that I need to get. So I went shopping just to get an idea of prices and what I may need, but instead of buying them I’ve taken photos to remind me of what I’m saving for.

I guess for some people this doesnt work out, but this has motivated me to save more so I can go shopping and get things that I want rather than the cheapest things! I have a lot of stuff already but most of it is in need of replacing, like frying pans etc, plus I’ve learnt what things I need, things I would like and things that I definitely do not need!

Its been pretty motivating 🙂

In the meantime I’ve been out enjoying the sunshine, I finally got to go kayaking again over the weekend. Its one of those things that I didn’t realise that I missed! I love the feeling of sunshine and propelling myself and my kayak through the water (especially atm when there not too many punts out, sometimes it becomes like an obstacle course out there!) I cant wait for the lighter evenings so we can start the evening social paddle and pub visits.

I’ve really loved the summery weather over the weekend and have made an effort to be out getting some vitamin d in as much as possible.

Bucket list

Get key to kayak club to go kayaking in the nice evenings

Join more social events

Speak up more at CCHP committee meetings

Decide on colour schemes!!

I would like to travel to another country even for a short trip sometime this year. I’m going to Paris/Disneyland with a friend in march which I prebooked and paid for before I started this house thing but I’d like to do a trip to Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit Poland, but also would like to go to Chernobyl. So much to do in life!



4 thoughts on “Living while waiting

  1. I’ll send my friend an email and ask what it’s called and get back to you.


  2. You mentioned kayaking and Europe. Have a friend who is saving for a trip to Croatia for a kayaking trip. It’s in or by a national park. Can’t think of the name of it though. Something islands? Just an idea for you.


    1. Ohhh that sounds fun, I’d like to go kayaking more, there feels something adventurous about exploring via kayak to me. Did you remember what its called?


      1. I emailed friend and asked. This is the link. . If you go to the home page, locations, Croatia, there’s two options- multisport or kayaking. She’s not gonna book a trip with them, because she doesn’t want to paddle straight for 11 days, but wants to use the two itinerary options and come up with her own trip, maybe pick some places to hike/towns to see, plus one or two of the kayaking places. Has to do more research of logistics of it but that’s what she’s aiming for.


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