Let the magic continue

We spent three days total in Disney, which is the perfect amount of time to spend in the Disney bubble, enough time to see everything and forget about the world outside for a bit. On the second day we had another lie in then headed to the second Disney park, Disney Studios to look around. Studios is a much busier park in some ways, partially because its smaller and has less but more adrenaline filled rides. The queues were a lot longer here and we didn’t fancy spending an hour waiting for each ride, so we picked our favorites,  got a fast pass for ratatouille and went on the rock and rollercoaster. I love that ride, its so fast I don’t know whats going on, and its great. I always have a ‘great’ photo waiting for me at the end as well!

We had a bit of time waiting for our fast pass so we went back to Magic Kingdom for a couple of the quicker rides. We definitely did our steps that day, walking from one park to another! At fast pass time we headed back to ratatouille, which is a mix of ride and a simulation of being chased around a kitchen. I love those rides. Yep wouldn’t mind doing it again! We decided to skip the parade on the second day and go on rides instead, which are much shorter, then beat the crowd again and headed to Rainforest cafe for dinner. I love the decor in the place, with the animatronic animals that move, and the ‘thunderstorm’ that happens every so often. We weren’t massively hungry so we had starters instead of mains, then back to the park for fireworks. The one complaint I do have about Disney is the children being put on the parents shoulders…. ahhhhh!!!! K is only 5 foot 1 so unless she stands at the front she can barely see the illuminations. Day two we thought we found the perfect spot on a slight ramp and waited patiently for the fireworks to start….. 5 minutes before they start a guy pushes in front of us and sticks his kid on his shoulders… nope not having that, five minutes into the fireworks another guy does the same thing, literally straight in front of K, seriously??? So rude!


Day three was character day we decided to cram in as many meets as we could, as we figured we had done most of the rides, plus we decided to make the most of early magic hours and get in there early. Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the pooh, Baloo, Princesses you name it we queued to see them, and they all act their characters perfectly. Its amazing how an ‘animal’ can capture the character as well as a ‘human’ actor, just through actions. My favourite is still meeting villains as they are so entertaining, please bring out more of them into the park!

We did a full day in the park, getting the full magic from early opening, to parade (I got a kiss off Genie!) and Illuminations, complete with a slightly expensive eat as much as you like but yummy tex mex buffet. We had planned to do a couple of rides, however holiday-brained me decided mid afternoon to buy my beautifully fragile wine glasses and spent the rest of the day desperately trying to protect them from the clouds. Sorry K, no more Indiana Jones rides….however at least I can offer you a glass of wine in a beautiful glass when you come to stay?

Day Four was bye bye to Disney and time to head back to the less magical place of Eurostar Gare du Nord ;( On the Wednesday we had had a message from Eurostar saying that there were going to be long delays and possibly cancellations as staff were on strike, so we decided to cancel our second day of sightseeing round Paris and go to the train station instead and sit in the queue for as long as it took. We were all prepared with plenty of films snacks etc and determined to stick to our motto of ‘mile and go with it, we’ll laugh about it later’. We get there and… the trains only delayed by an hour, heyyy no complaints here!

One sugar fueled journey we are back in London and ready to plan our next trip. I think this should become a tradition K!


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