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Yayyyy we have finally exchanged! Typically we exchanged two weeks before payday, and if I’d made it to pay day I would have hit my target of the amount I’d wanted to save before moving. As it is I’m £400 off my target but hey its not the end of the world.

It also means that this month I’m being frugal but in a different way. The next couple of months are going to be expensive (!!) and I’m going to have to hand over most of what I’ve saved over the past few year-trust me, pressing that button to pay is scary!

After a few months of being frugal, I am finding it a little hard to let go of my savings and spend it, even though this is the whole reason I’ve been saving so hard?! To counterbalance this and make me feel like at least the spending is under control I’m doing a couple of things.

1) I write down everything I spend and I mean everything, even the little bits as I really don’t like and can’t waste money. I like to know what I’ve paid for and what I’ve still got to pay- and it stops me panicking so I have a list of what I need to get and what I can sell or reuse. It also stops me from splurging on things I don’t need or want and will hopefully ensure that I have all the basics when I finally move in.

2) Focus on being frugal not cheap! Some things are worth spending more on (fridge freezer, washing machine sofa etc) to make sure I get things that suit what I need and hopefully last awhile.

3) This is where my vouchers that I have been saving up months for become useful. I’ve been using the jobspotter app regularly over the past few months and each month saved up my amazon vouchers, plus a few other apps and now I get to spend them! I’ve had my heart set on a slow cooker (essential when setting up a house you know…) so ordered that and got it sent to my parents address so it wouldnt get lost in the move, a couple of days later my Mum messaged me saying that my TV had arrived. Right amazon I do want a tv but that’s not really what I had ordered, would you like to come and collect it and bring me my slow cooker instead?


My indecisiveness has kicked in again and I really can’t decide what I want to do with decorating. I think for now I’ll leave it (as its not horrifically ugly colours) and decide in a months time?

So excited!!!!



2 thoughts on “Living frugally

  1. All the best with it all. It’s a good idea to try and put up with decor for a month at least and then you can see how the light changes in each room. By then, you will probably have an idea how you like to decorate it, otherwise if you don’t, just decorate it neutral and use colourful throws on the sofa and pillows.


    1. Thank you! That’s what I figured, put up curtains and have rugs and cushions then decide if I need more colour 🙂

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