Drink and draw. Oh yeh I can’t draw….

One of things I love about having a blog, is that I’ve heard about events and experiences that I wouldn’t have heard of or considered otherwise. One blog that I follow (New in cambridge) publishes a post at the beginning of the month with all different activities going on around cambridge. This month I noticed there was a ‘drink and draw’ session in the University museum of classical archaeology and (appealing to the still frugal part of me) it was free and included a glass of wine.

Initially it was one of those things that I thought I’d talk myself out of going at some point as I’d be going alone and as much as I like being creative I can’t draw….

Anyway I still went as I enjoy the act of being creative, it’s always something I want to do more of! The museum is next to Selwyn college, and is a little bit more interesting to find (depending on your sense of direction and use of maps).

I was glad I got there early as it’s only a small place and when I left they were acting on a ‘one out one in’ policy due to space constraints. Once in I was given a voucher for a free drink; a choice of white wine or elderflower cordial, of course I went for white wine 🙂 They also provides pencils of all types, paper clipboards and artists to give advice and critique if wanted.

The museum is full of sculptures from around the world so I wandered round waiting for something to catch my eye and somewhere to sit. Most of the other people there seemed to be more serious artists than I was, and their sketches were striking.

I decided that instead of lifelike drawings I was going to go a bit more abstract using the sculptures for inspiration rather than reference. I probably should have taken some photos of the sculptures as well but I was enjoying myself 🙂 no music, no films, no distractions just my thoughts and a pencil. Usually I have something on in the background so I’m making an effort to spend more time enjoying the quiet rather than cramming noise into everything and tonight I didn’t miss it. I should really try drawing and other creative things more often! Xx

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