Covid 19 Vaccine Trial

Welllll its been a while since I’ve been on here!

So many things happened and the most obvious one that if you can’t guess it where have you been hiding? Can I come and hide too?


Life is so different living under covid 19, especially working as a Nurse, and not going to lie I miss my old life, where I felt like I had some control over what I did etc.

This week I received a circular email from my Manager informing us that my local hospital is participating in the Covid 19 vaccine trial if any of us would like to participate. My response was why not? We need a vaccine and the sooner we have a viable option the sooner we can have some normality back?

So I looked through all the paperwork and filled in the questionnaire and sent it off. There seems to be lots different branches to the trial, I think there 5 different sub trials going on and you get put into one of those groups, then will be vaccinated either with the covid 19 vaccine or the MenACWY vaccine (for meningitis strains A C W and Y). I’ve had the Men C vaccine before but not ACWY so either way I figure I win? Even if you’ve had the MenACWY vaccine before it doesn’t matter, you can’t be over-vaccinated, your body will recognise it and ignore it so its fine for people who have had it already.

Following on from that the follow up is the same, blood tests, keep a diary of your symptoms I think etc but I’ll find out more about that soon.

A couple of hours after sending off the questionnaire I had a polite guy ring me back and go through the questions again, and some extra. Its things like medical history, family medical history, allergies, future plans ie family planning etc. They then tell you if you’re eligible or not and invite you for a face to face assessment, which I’ve booked nice and early tomorrow morning. On my first day of annual leave.. right, smart me…

Am I worried/nervous/concerned? TBH not really. It seems well thought out and you’re monitored closely. Tomorrow I’ll get to ask them more about it, atm I’m more concerned if it will affect my work. If it means I have to take extended time off work I wouldn’t do it, its not fair to my Nursing colleagues who are under pressure, but from what they’ve said I can carry on as normal.


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