I have keys!

So I got the call from my solicitor last Thursday saying things had been completed and keys had been released. I managed to finish work early and went to the estate agent to collect keys and start moving stuff in.

It’s so exciting to have a house, I can (for the first time ever) paint rooms any colour I choose! Opening the door for the first time is a bit surreal, I’ve thought about it so much, so first thing I did was go exploring as I haven’t seen the house since survey day. I brought a car load of stuff with me, mostly overnight/make home cosy stuff.

Just a mention; houses look very different on moving day compared to viewings. At the viewing the house will be immaculately clean, furniture in place etc. On moving day there’s no furniture and every piece of dirt is way more noticeable. Hey it’s a blank slate and I can start making it my own now 🙂

Next thing I did was to de-childproof the kitchen… it not only stopped kids opening the cupboards it stopped me as well! Slightly annoyingly they hadn’t taken much care when moving; the garage door is broken so that’s an expense I hadn’t counted on, The reason that bugs me is that the survey showed problems with the garage and I asked for money off based on this. They refused and now they’ve broken the door before leaving…. hopefully there aren’t many more surprises coming up!

A nice touch for my mortgage provider was a hamper they sent, it came in a fish tank box as ‘you’ve probably got way too many brown boxes and want some colour’ full of cleaning products and snacks. Nom nom.

Early jobs to do when moving is to take metre readings, preferably take photos for reference when you let the companies know that you’ve moved. Also you won’t start paying your mortgage immediately (which I assumed was paid on the day you moved in) instead you can choose a date and arrange that with your bank. Perfect as I’m still renting for the next 8 weeks so I don’t have to pay twice for too long.

It feels slightly strange having a house, for the first time I’m enjoying diy and learning how to fix things. It’s kinda fun! As it’s Easter weekend (Happy Easter!) I had a long weekend to go furniture shopping, paint shopping etc. After months of being frugal I have been shopping again!



3 thoughts on “I have keys!

  1. Congratulations! Have a wonderful time building this as your home 🏡


  2. Exciting times ahead and congratulations on your new home. Enjoy making it yours.


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